Digital adaptation and innovation in Camden.

It’s no doubt that COVID-19 has been tough on a lot of businesses, particularly local business in Camden and surrounding areas.

We are so excited to see Camden Council leading the way in digital innovation with their COVID 19 Digital Adaptation and Innovation Grant.

We are equally excited to see Service NSW extend the deadline for their COVID-19 Small Business Support Grant as well.

While these grants are a great initiative by local councils and the state government, it’s important that this money is spent right. This is an opportunity to innovate... innovation is no longer a choice but a necessity. It could be the difference between your success and failure in the even more hyper connected online world, post coronavirus.

As a local business ourselves, we’d love to help out other businesses to understand the untapped innovation potential and to assist in adapting and accelerating their online growth.

How we can help

How we can help



Working with you to understand your goals, pain points and growth opportunities. We spend time workshopping ideas and process automation potential.


Customer Experience

We dive deep into the personas of your customers to understand their needs in the new digital landscape. We overlay your business strategy on top of your customers needs to land on a digital adaptation solution.



Our team is deeply experienced in digital marketing, website / ecommerce development and user experience design. We help bring your adaptation solution to life, adhering to your strategy and allowing it to flourish.

About us.

We're a Camden based digital customer experience agency. We started as a husband and wife tech duo and are now a 15 strong collective of tech savvy minds with offices across 3 countries. We're focused on delivering quality digital work (websites, apps, ecommerce etc) for Australia’s best brands. We spent some time trying to articulate our unique selling points succinctly. We came to the conclusion that everything we do is different. So, we called ourselves UnDigital® and we think it suits perfectly.

Our founders.

Andrew Cornale

Co-Founder and Technical Director

Kristen Cornale

Co-Founder and Strategic Director

What makes us UnDigital®.UnDigital®uhn · di · juh · tlNounA digital CX agency that is unlike others


We’re strategically led

We always lead with strategy. Not just user strategy, but also technical strategy. This allows us to deliver solutions that truly work for you.


We’re collaborative

It all starts with empathy. When we put ourselves in your shoes, we create a real collaboration between client and agency.


We set KPIs

We're not "set and forget". When we plan your project, we set some key performance indicators that we use to measure success.


We steer clear of jargon

We explain digital in a way that is easily understood so you not only grasp what we're doing but how it will help you.


We don’t use contracts

We focus on delivering quality outcomes that yield tangible results. We want to work with people who want to work with us, not people who are forced to.


We’re no bullsh*t

We cut through the fluff to tell you how it is. This creates a transparent relationship built on honest, trustworthy advice.

Featured projects.

Wisdom Homes

Digital strategy, website re-design, re-development and business automation.

Map Coffee

Digital ecosystem re-design, re-development and ecommerce.

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