Giving back to the community.

Everyday we read the news and there’s a new advancement in this coronavirus story (COVID-19). One thing remains clear… things are different for the foreseeable future and businesses are feeling the crunch. The demand for innovation has never been so high.

We’ve spent the past 10 years helping some of Australia’s best brands think differently about their digital products. Given what’s going on in the world right now, we feel compelled to lend a hand to those businesses most in need.

We're offering free advice on how to pivot your offering for the online world.

What we can do

What we can do



Advice on whether you can leverage online tools to sell your products / services online and the best way to do this.



We can connect you to the right people or platforms to streamline your new world offering.



We've developed a streamlined process to get businesses selling quickly online. Our advice is free, this service is not but it's also not compulsory.

About us.

We're a Sydney based digital customer experience agency. We started as a husband and wife tech duo and are now a 15 strong collective of tech savvy minds with offices across 3 countries. We're focused on delivering quality digital work (websites, apps, ecommerce etc) for Australia’s best brands. We spent some time trying to articulate our unique selling points succinctly. We came to the conclusion that everything we do is different. So, we called ourselves UnDigital and we think it suits perfectly.

Our founders.

Kristen Cornale

Co-Founder and Strategic Director

Andrew Cornale

Co-Founder and Technical Director

What makes us UnDigital.UnDigitaluhn · di · juh · tlNounA digital CX agency that is unlike others


We’re strategically led

We always lead with strategy. Not just user strategy, but also technical strategy. This allows us to deliver solutions that truly work for you.


We’re collaborative

It all starts with empathy. When we put ourselves in your shoes, we create a real collaboration between client and agency.


We set KPIs

We're not "set and forget". When we plan your project, we set some key performance indicators that we use to measure success.


We steer clear of jargon

We explain digital in a way that is easily understood so you not only grasp what we're doing but how it will help you.


We don’t use contracts

We focus on delivering quality outcomes that yield tangible results. We want to work with people who want to work with us, not people who are forced to.


We’re no bullsh*t

We cut through the fluff to tell you how it is. This creates a transparent relationship built on honest, trustworthy advice.

Featured projects.

Volvo Cars

Progressive web app / mobile application for car dealers.

Map Coffee

Digital ecosystem re-design, re-development and ecommerce.

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