Remote Work Revamp: A recipe for productivity

Working from home has become my daily reality, but I recently decided it was time to shake up my remote workspace for a productivity boost. Here's how I revamped my home office/remote work life:

  1. Let There Be Light: I took a good look at the lighting in my workspace. Realising the importance of natural light, I rearranged my desk to be near a window. If that's not an option, swap out your bulbs for warm LED lights, to instantly brighten up your work area.
  2. Decluttering for Clarity: Recognising that a cluttered space equals a cluttered mind, I made it a daily habit to tidy up my workspace. A clean and organised environment not only looks better but also helps me focus and reduces stress.
  3. Personal Touches: To make my workspace more inviting, I added personal touches. A potted plant, a cute lamp, and some personal mementos now surround me, creating an environment that feels uniquely mine.
  4. Set up for success:I have everything I need within arm's reach, a phone chord charger, notepad, pens, hand cream, water for the day, and other essentials. So everything I need is on hand and I'm not breaking to grab things as often.
  5. Change of scenery: Instead of staying glued to my screen, I now take walking meetings when possible, and use lunchtime to head out for a walk, read a book, or hit the gym. These breaks, even brief help refresh my mind, give my eyes a break, and allow me to focus on my next set of tasks.
  6. Tech Upgrades for Efficiency: I evaluated my technology tools and made necessary upgrades. Investing in better apps and software has streamlined my tasks and improved overall efficiency, making my workdays smoother.
  7. Create a Daily Routine: I established a daily routine that works for me. Setting specific work hours and allocating time for breaks has provided structure to my day, making it easier to transition between work and personal time.
  8. Quality Headphones for Focus: Recognising the importance of virtual meetings, I invested in noise-canceling headphones. These have not only improved my focus but have also enhanced the quality of my virtual interactions.
  9. Get Remote: if not once a week, once a fortnight I get out of my home office and into a local cafe, library, or shared space. Catch up with a fellow remote friend or simply give yourself the opportunity to get changed out of house clothes and rejoin society.

By making these adjustments, my home office has transformed into a more conducive environment for productivity. It turns out that a little change can go a long way in enhancing the remote work experience. So, I encourage you to shake things up and personalise your space—it might just be the key to unlocking your full work-from-home potential.

Tiffany McPherson, Relationship Manager @ UnDigital®

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