Our Mission

To help people dream big by building and scaling positive digital experiences.

Our clients hire us when they need a digital partner that’s going to deliver growth. We’ve got a load of evidence demonstrating just that.

UnDigital® as a brand, however, is more than our results. Everything we do is centred around delivering positive experiences and this is the single most important aspect of our existence. It’s with this challenger mindset that we’ve been able to build an organisation with true empathy... one that creates an opportunity for people to chase their dreams.

We’re UnDigital®. It’s lovely to meet you.

What makes us UnDigital®.

We lead with strategy


We always lead with strategy. Not just user strategy, but also technical strategy. This allows us to deliver solutions that truly work for you.

We're collaborative


It all starts with empathy. When we put ourselves in your shoes, we create a real collaboration between client and agency.

We set KPIs


We're not "set and forget". When we plan your project, we set some key performance indicators that we use to measure success.

We steer clear of jargon


We explain digital in a way that is easily understood so you not only grasp what we're doing but how it will help you.

No lock-in contracts


We focus on delivering quality outcomes that yield tangible results. We want to work with people who want to work with us, not people who are forced to.

We’re straight shooters


We cut through the fluff to tell you how it is. This creates a transparent relationship built on honest, trustworthy advice.

Our History

A story unlike those before us.

Our story began more than a decade ago when a young Andrew Cornale founded Impulse Digital. Over the course of eight years, we quietly established ourselves as the trusted digital partner for some of Australia's top advertising and digital agencies.

Through our collaborations, we gained invaluable insights from our partners, pairing that with exposure to clients much larger than our experience. From this wealth of exposure, we uncovered a unique strategy framework that would later shape our identity as UnDigital®.

Today, we carry forward the lessons learned from our past, blending them with a fresh perspective as we continue to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape.


A unique founding partnership.

Husband and wife duo, Andrew and Kristen Cornale, joined forces driven by a shared passion for innovation. Together, they founded UnDigital®, leveraging Andrew's technical and creative insight and Kristen's strategic prowess. Their collaboration embodies a commitment to redefine the digital landscape, united by a vision to transform the industry and provide a vessel for people to chase their dreams.

Andrew Cornale

CEO & Director of Experience

Kristen Cornale

Co-Founder & Strategic Director

Living the dream.

Our team is spread across Sydney, Brisbane, and Ho Chi Minh City, yet we operate fully remotely, allowing everyone the freedom to work from anywhere. Following successful trials in Australia and Vietnam, we've embraced a remote working model, enhancing connectivity through regular company holidays and gatherings. Additionally, our team benefits from a four-day workweek, prioritising work-life balance and happiness as the cornerstone of our success.