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Make a measurable impact to your business’ bottom line. Stop manually doing tasks or relying on spreadsheets. Connect your systems, introduce new systems and create measurable efficiencies by getting them all talking to each other. Automatically.

Our integration methodology.

Operate your business smarter.

Systems Audit

Step 1

We conduct a strategy workshop to look into your operations, current systems, pain points and goals.


Step 2

We migrate, upgrade or change systems based on our initial recommendations. We also set some key performance indicators and benchmarks so we can measure success.


Step 3

We integrate and automate all of your systems so everything is talking to each other automatically in order to gain the maximum results.

Training & Documentation

Step 4

We handover and train your team on how to use all your new tools.

Post Launch Reporting

Step 5

We report on your success by measuring the improvements of the new integrated systems vs the benchmark we took earlier.

Our integration suite.

Let's do business better.

Don't take our word for it, take theirs.

"Thanks so much for your comprehensive strategy and execution of our digital ecosystem.

I can finally sleep at night knowing that everything is under control, secure and scalable.

Thank you!!!".

Corporate Marketing Manager, Sekisui House

"The most significant change from a store perspective will be the sheer amount of product and purchasing information made available to both customer and staff alike. We hope to see customers coming in store more inspired and informed than ever before, preparing them for a continuation of that journey in your showrooms.

We’re super excited for you to see the new site as well as make use of the new systems, speed and information available for you!".

Business Development Manager, OZ Design

"Engaging with government has traditionally been confusing and time-consuming especially when it comes to responding to tenders. Landcom listened to this customer feedback and worked with UnDigital to develop a streamlined tender portal capable of managing multiple tenders, across multiple internal assessment teams with a high degree of automation. The new customer-centric tender portal has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback by our customers who appreciate the simplicity that has been achieved."

Director Corporate Marketing & Communications, Landcom

"Thank you so much for all your hard work - the sites are beautiful, cost-effective long term and you've been a pleasure to work with!"

National Marketing Manager, Serenitas

Let's do business better.