Headless ecommerce ecosystem • 50% reduction in operational costs

OZ Design Furniture.

A complete overhaul of all systems, design and UX that would offer furniture lovers a desirable and functional shopping experience while offering OZ Design an integrated and seamless way of managing orders, inventory and product data across 44 stores and an online store. Certainly not an easy feat but a challenge we were ready for! 

We re-engineered the entire OZ online shopping experience in three phases. This included:

  • System architecture design for high traffic and high order volumes
  • Custom product information management system
  • React JS headless front end
  • Adobe Commerce backend
  • Silverstripe content management system
  • Integration with all internal warehouse and stock management systems
  • Brand new UX
  • Brand new UI
  • Enhanced product data and filtering capabilities

After executing all 3 phases in about 8 months, we couldn't be prouder of the results!

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"We are very pleased to announce OZ Design Furniture are launching a new website that will be a huge milestone for all of us.

The goal of this site had been to provide an industry leading, inspirational and informative journey for our customers, both in store and online. We launched some minor tweaks to the header and footer of the homepage to support a few functional backend changes earlier in the year, now we will have a number of significant launches over the coming months.

The most significant change from a store perspective will be the sheer amount of product and purchasing information made available to both customer and staff alike. We hope to see customers coming in store more inspired and informed than ever before, preparing them for a continuation of that journey in your showrooms. 

We’re super excited for you to see the new site as well as make use of the new systems, speed and information available for you!".

Business Development Manager, OZ Design

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