Website re-platform and consolidation • $300k in licensing fees saved

Sekisui House.

After successfully pitching and winning the Sekisui House account, we were faced with a number of challenges related to timings and execution of a new online ecosystem for all of the Sekisui House internal projects / businesses.

We underwent various strategy workshops and came up with a three-phased launch plan to achieve the internal performance goals of Sekisui House and their teams.

Initially, we re-platformed all the websites in Silverstripe before the expiry of a very expensive IP and CMS license, then we re-designed all the websites and then we introduced new websites into the ecosystem.

In the end, we launched 9 websites using a shared multi-site backend infrastructure which created long and short term efficiencies due to shared effort and resources between sub-sites. 

The entire build uses customisable content blocks that can be rearranged in any order, duplicated across pages and across micro sites. These blocks can be used to create new website pages, landing pages and various marketing collateral.

We also integrated all lead forms into PropertyBase CRM to create efficiency when managing leads and customer information. We also implemented a long term security and website safety plan which adhered to IT guidelines.

Key Results

  • Saved the client ~$300k in CMS license and IP fees
  • Saved the client thousands of dollars per month in ongoing maintenance and content management requirements by unifying all sites in a single admin panel
  • Allowed the client to easily build and launch new projects into the ecosystem as they become available
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"Thanks so much for your comprehensive strategy and execution of our digital ecosystem.

I can finally sleep at night knowing that everything is under control, secure and scalable.

Thank you!!!".

Corporate Marketing Manager, Sekisui House

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