A story unlike those before us.

We’ve been sitting in the shadows for 8+ years, supporting advertising agencies with the execution of digital products with our company, Impulse Digital.

This has allowed us to perfect our methodologies, refine our offering and successfully deliver a plethora of work for some of the most well known brands.

We're a 15-strong collective of tech savvy minds who are passionate about delivering exceptional client service.

Our Differences

What makes us UnDigital®.UnDigital®uhn · di · juh · tlNounA culture-led digital company centred around delivering positive experiences.


We’re strategically led

We always lead with strategy. Not just user strategy, but also technical strategy. This allows us to deliver solutions that truly work for you.


We’re collaborative

It all starts with empathy. When we put ourselves in your shoes, we create a real collaboration between client and agency.


We set KPIs

We're not "set and forget". When we plan your project, we set some key performance indicators that we use to measure success.


We steer clear of jargon

We explain digital in a way that is easily understood so you not only grasp what we're doing but how it will help you.


No lock-in contracts

We focus on delivering quality outcomes that yield tangible results. We want to work with people who want to work with us, not people who are forced to.


We’re no bullsh*t

We cut through the fluff to tell you how it is. This creates a transparent relationship built on honest, trustworthy advice.

An unusual founding partnership.

Our founders met outside of work, stumbled across each other at the office, got married and started a business. It was an interesting beginning but the foundation for something great. Sharing a genuine passion for client success, it’s a natural match. Combined, there’s 20 years of relevant industry experience and a unique mix of collaboration, strategy, proven technical execution and good times.

Andrew Cornale

CEO & Director of Experience

Kristen Cornale

Co-Founder & Strategic Director

Living the dream.

We call Camden (South West Sydney) our main home and reside amongst the jacaranda trees of Argyle Street. We’ve made it our mission to put positivity back into digital and believe it all starts with happy people. We also have an office in Sydney and an office in Ho Chi Minh City.

We’re not about locking people down to a location or even rigid working days. We believe that the best work is done when the best conditions are provided. Our team can work where they want, at times that suit them. This might mean working around family schedules, working from home or living by the beach. At the end of the day, we love what we do and our clients benefit as a result.

Featured projects.


We created a highly engaging, data based survey which generated unique results based on user input.

Wisdom Homes

We saved the business thousands of dollars a month by re-engineering 3 websites to create efficiencies by sharing code resources.