Web app build • $200k in license fees saved

Landcom Tenders.

Driven by a need to improve business processes during tender collection, Landcom needed a platform that would automate the task. UnDigital were able to design and develop a tender portal with the following functionality:

  • the ability to consolidate and view all documents
  • stamp downloaded documents with a date and time to ensure users were reading the most up to date content
  • lock submissions until the tender closed to ensure all tenders were considered fairly
  • funnel all communications through the platform and customise them as necessary to simplify communications between businesses and Landcom

Additionally, UnDigital created a Q&A function that allows Landcom staff to answer queries and make the question public on the forum to educate other users.

The Landcom Tender Portal has been recognised by their team internally as a huge success. It has resolved numerous pain points and created much needed efficiencies in a crucial part of the business. 

Key Results

  • Saved the business over $200k in license fees for third party software
  • Created a re-usable, scalable system that Landcom owns for future tender
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"Engaging with government has traditionally been confusing and time-consuming especially when it comes to responding to tenders. Landcom listened to this customer feedback and worked with UnDigital to develop a streamlined tender portal capable of managing multiple tenders, across multiple internal assessment teams with a high degree of automation. The new customer-centric tender portal has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback by our customers who appreciate the simplicity that has been achieved."

Director Corporate Marketing & Communications, Landcom

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