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LuvLink App.

An innovative product and client partner team required an innovative technical solution. 

LuvLink approached us to create a mobile application that their customers could use to set up their products, customise the settings of their internet-connected devices and communicate with their friends.

After some robust experience design and planning, we executed an IOT hybrid React Native app which communicates via a custom built API to an MQTT server with message storage relayed between a data storage facility and the MQTT server.

The app was released across the Google Play and App Stores and a QR code is now shipped with all devices to allow customers to unpack their device, download the app and set up a group with their friends and family.

We're currently planning an additional phase which will allow app users to gain access to app-only customisation features for their LuvLink devices.

Key Results

  • A hybrid development approach saved the business tens of thousands of dollars in development and maintenance costs
  • A message storage facility allows the app to sends messages to devices that are offline which are sent to the device when they are back online
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"Wow the app is great – well done!  I really like it!"

Co-Founder, LuvLink

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