Ecommerce website build • Increased sales by 300%

Map Coffee.

The old Map Coffee website was using an outdated version of Magento, was hard to maintain, expensive to host and really underperforming.

After some rigorous planning, we delivered a 5 phase project with staged releases that moved the website into a more lightweight and future proof CMS (Silverstripe), replaced Magento and created shared backend resources so code could be reused by other brands in their organisation. On top of this, we were able to reduce the monthly hosting costs significantly.

This project includes a full ecommerce store with automated importing into a fulfilment system, inventory tracking, coupon codes, custom order and shipping rules, recurring payments and more. This is coupled with a lightning fast front end powered by Google Material and utilises the latest in progressive web app technology to provide a seamless user experience.

This project got named Silverstripe Site of the Month.

Key Results

  • Increased sales by 300%
  • Automated stock fulfilment and ordering processes with the warehouse, saving time and budget.
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"I've worked with plenty of digital agencies. It's nice to have an undigital one haha!"

Brand Manager, Map Coffee

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