Shopify app • 11k cans sold in just 2 months

My Milo.

Working with Kinetic Agency, we were tasked to create an ecommerce site that allowed users to purchase and personalise custom tins of Milo.

We created UI designs, animations and various interfaces to make the user experience as simple as possible.

We then integrated the designs into a custom ecommerce theme using a custom front end to display information from ecommerce using the native content editing functionality. We also worked with BrandLink to create an interface where users can type their name on their own Milo tin and see a preview of it.

We worked with Nestle, BrandLink and Kinetic to ensure checkout processes were configured correctly and users were getting notified of their orders and related statuses.

The site was hugely popular with all stock sold out and production increased during the campaign period. Over 11,000 cans of Milo were sold in just over 2 months. 

Key Results 

  • The product allocation was exhausted in just 8 weeks
  • The website handled an unprecedented server load without a hiccup


The site sold over 11,000 personalised tins of Milo in just over 2 months. Production of the tins had to be increased due to the popularity of the products.

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