Serverless ReactJS app • Australia-wide PR coverage


To celebrate the launch of Season 3 of Sex Education, we were approached by Junkee Media and Netflix to assist with building a campaign engagement tool.

The tools uses real data and conditional logic to plot user generated results on a graph to give someone a "unique pleasure profile".

We worked on the project from start to finish on user experience strategy, digital design and front end / back end development.

From a front end perspective, the language is ReactJS and we integrated various SVG animations and interactive elements.

The back end is powered by a Lambda function which securely connects to the application, storing the conditional logic required to generate the unique results.

Key Results 

  • Designed and built in just 3 weeks
  • Approved by Netflix and their security checks first time (no amends)
  • Various organic publicity across news publications and social media (with the help of Junkee Media)
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"The site looks so great! We are super happy with it!!! The process has been smooth and easy."

Group Account Manager, Netflix at Junkee Media

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