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Pepsi Australia.

In collaboration with Red Engine, we were approached to build a new corporate website for Pepsi Australia.

Using SilverStripe, we utilised the "Content Builder" functionality supported in SilverStripe 4. This allowed us to create flexible pages where the client can "build their own" pages, modify existing pages and set up campaign related content.

The front end uses various animations to create polish and the project was well received by the client and has been a great success.

Key Results

  • Created budget efficiencies by sharing a backend with Gatorade
  • Saved time and effort launching campaigns by giving marketing teams the ability to create campaigns themselves inside the website
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"You guys have done such a great job on the website and also dealt with my frequent unhelpful periods of silence.

I was telling Kristen the other day how good the attention to detail was from the team."

Brand Manager, Pepsico Australia

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