Website build • GovCMS usage

Transport for NSW.

We were approach by Transport for NSW to help overhaul the Parramatta Light Rail website. 

The old site had a number of user experience issues (it was hard to locate relevant content) and it was tricky for the internal team to edit and manage.

We did a UX strategy and information architecture to organise their content in a logical way. We then designed a clean, modern UI and integrated with the latest version of Drupal 8 CMS.

The site includes a modular page builder with "create your own" style layouts so the client can manage content in a more customisable way while maintaining a consistent style and user interface throughout.

Key Results

  • Increased time on site statistics for users accurately finding and consuming information
  • Saved budget by creating re-usable blocks that could easily be re-purposed to create new content

“The site looks brilliant, we've had very positive responses to it!”

Senior Digital Officer, Transport for NSW

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