West Village Retail Portal

We partnered with talented branding agency, Bullet, to deliver this fully functional and beautifully designed Tenant Portal for West Village.

The portal allows retailers to login and update their account details like store hours, imagery and copy, enabling them to communicate with the people of West Village seamlessly.

We custom built the front & back end in Silverstripe CMS. The build included the custom integration of an administration panel and also a separate login area of tenants themselves.

The tenant login area allows them to communicate directly with West Village to keep their information up to date. For West Village, we created operational efficiencies by automating a lot of comms that used to be managed through an email inbox. They now have a central location where they can communicate directly to their tenant and request details such as special offers and other information.

We configured custom email notifications, underwent penetration testing and implemented additional security features such as Multi-Factor Authentication.

The project was extremely well received by the client and their tenants and is actively being used in the organisation.


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"Thanks for all your help! We're in good hands and appreciate you huge amounts!!!"

Retail Marketing Manager, West Village

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