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Let’s Talk: How can you entice existing customers to spend more?

Customer acquisition is expensive. And difficult. What if, instead of putting your resources into building your customers base, you concentrate on increasing the amount your existing customers – who already know and love you – spend?

Let’s talk…

“Enticing existing customers to spend more comes down to one thing; building relationships that allow you to understand their business and know where you can add real value. An attempt at upselling can work sometimes, and there’s no issue with trying this, but it is a reactive approach that results in short-term success. Proactive approaches will benefit your business and your client while equipping you both for long term success. Building purposeful relationships with your clients allow you to achieve the following:

  1. Stay top of mind: when they’ve got a new project coming up or extra budget to spend, it’ll be you they think of
  2. Understand what they need, what they can realistically afford when they need it, and the stakeholders involved
  3. Know the challenges they’re facing and navigate a way around them 

Having all this information equips you to best serve your client, all while enticing them to spend more.”

- Andrew Cornale, Co-Founder and Digital Experience Director, UnDigital

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