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Let’s Talk: How to become an employer of choice during the great resignation

Employers around Australia are facing problems filling positions. What started in 2021 with millions of employees globally quitting their jobs in search of better possibilities has turned into a full-fledged crisis for many businesses.

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly wreaked havoc on Australia’s job market, forcing many to dub it the “Great Resignation” or the “Big Quit”. Businesses have struggled to attract and retain employees over the last two years; therefore, being an employer of choice is more important than ever. 

In this week’s let’s talk edition, we asked experts how businesses can turn the tables and be an employer of choice during the great resignation.

Let’s Talk.

“As The Great Resignation continues to dominate headlines across Australia, it’s imperative to reflect on why it’s happening and what to do to make sure it doesn’t affect your business. Employees have wants and needs that deserve to be heard.

“Taking the time to listen and understand can be the difference between a long term, prosperous business relationship and a short-term one that fizzles out under pressure. 

“There are five things business owners should prioritise to retain and engage their employees:

  • Understand the needs/goals of the individual 
  • Respect that these goals can change and be willing to check in regularly and pivot where needed 
  • Ensure they’re allowed to achieve their goals
  • Invest in creating a culture that nurtures your values, even in your busiest or most stressful times – this is when culture matters the most.
  • Train and up-skill them in areas of interest; new opportunities create excitement and result in better engagement.”

Andrew Cornale, Co-Founder and Digital Experience Director, UnDigital 

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