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Let’s Talk: How to find and keep great staff

As SMEs recover from the disruption of COVID-19, the Great Resignation is far more than HR jargon; the current lack of skilled workers is a serious impediment to consolidation and growth.

Skills shortages are evident in almost every industry, and so are greater employee expectations regarding flexibility and opportunity. So never has it been more critical for you to understand how to position yourself as an employer of choice and establish a nurturing culture that inspires loyalty within your existing team.

Let’s Talk…

“Finding and keeping great staff is essential to running a successful business. While it can be time consuming to interview people, finding the right fit pays off in the long run. So, once you’ve got them, what can you do to keep them? 

  1. Curate a positive workplace: Think about what type of characteristics your workplace nurtures. Does it facilitate growth and confidence? Is general happiness and respect for one another prioritised? Staff who come to work with a positive mindset are built for success so prioritise this as a value in your culture.
  2. Foster growth and learning: Don’t pigeon-hole your staff into performing one role only. If they express interest in other areas then allow them the space to grow and explore this interest. 
  3. Understand individuals: Each team member has their own passions and goals they want to achieve. Take the time to learn about what makes them tick and then share opportunities with them based on their interests.”

Andrew Cornale, Co-Founder and Digital Experience Director, UnDigital 

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