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Let’s Talk: How to turn workplace flexibility into a win-win situation

Thanks (but not really) to the pandemic, more and more of us have become aware of the importance of a good work-life balance after decades of office nine-to-fives. And it isn’t just for the workers.

Employers will also benefit from this shift in workplace culture. Employee experience is everything in today’s workplace. That’s because employee flexibility and satisfaction are the driving forces behind so many other brilliant outcomes. 

Because of rapid technological advancements and new working models, today’s workplaces must be more adaptable to the changing landscape. This is the subject of our final issue of the first quarter. 

We asked experts to share their perspectives on how businesses can incorporate employee flexibility to create a win-win situation. 

Let’s talk.

“Offering a flexible work environment is an easy way to show that you understand and encourage a work/life balance. The win/win is this: they get to enjoy the benefits of a flexible workplace while you get to retain happy, engaged and hardworking employees. So, how can you make it happen?

“Clearly communicate that you offer a flexible working environment and define the boundaries. Flexibility can be enjoyed as long as they meet the expectations of the role. When flexibility takes them away from the role at hand, it becomes a problem.

“Acknowledge that your staff aren’t robots and show them that you understand they’ve got needs outside of work that sometimes fall between the 9-5. You’ll undoubtedly find that this flexibility is appreciated and will be reciprocated if ever you need their help outside of their typical work hours too.

“Maintain open communication; regular chats are key to ensuring all involved parties are happy.”

Andrew Cornale, Co-Founder and Digital Experience Director, UnDigital 

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