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Let’s talk: Tips for achieving a better online customer experience

Creating emotional connections with your customers online requires more than a slick website. You need the right technology and processes to build a seamless customer journey, which engenders confidence, loyalty and repeat sales.

Let’s talk…

“As we move into an increasingly online world, many retailers are looking to create a better customer experience. But where to start? Creating a positive customer experience requires strategic thinking, consistency and a holistic approach. Regardless of industry, there are three key areas to be covered. 

  • it needs to be clean, articulate and welcoming. Arrange your content mindfully and intuitively. 
  • Site speed – The online consumer is time poor and nothing kills loyalty like a brand that takes too long to give customers what they want. A site that loads quickly is essential to delivering a good customer experience. 
  • Systems integrations – How a customer evaluates their experience begins before they land on your website and extends beyond the sale. It can be based on the delivery experience, post-sales care and more. Integrate with A clear and logical website – Your online presence is your digital shopfront; the right systems to nurture your customers from end to end.” 

- Andrew Cornale, Co-Founder and Digital Experience Director, UnDigital

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