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Let’s Talk: Top e-commerce tips

For many SMEs, online sales have been the difference between surviving the pandemic and being unable to continue trading. 

Australian e-commerce reached a record high in 2020, and with Australia Post reporting that sales were equally strong for the 2020-2021 financial year, it appears that consumer behaviour has changed forever.

So, if your business is fast-tracking its digital presence, what strategies can you adopt to maximise online sales?

Let’s talk…

"As a large portion of Australia waits out another lockdown, many consumers are relying on e-commerce to purchase items. So, what’s best practice?

  1. Craft a logical user experience
  2. Use an appealing design 
  3. Optimise your website to be faster
  4. Ensure it’s cyber-secure
  5. Scale for busy periods 
  6. Use plenty of images 
  7. Know your target market and where to find them 
  8. Use personalised abandon cart messages to entice customers back to convert 
  9. Make helpful content easily accessible on your website to spare your customer service team 
  10. Do what you said you would. If you said the parcel would be shipped using express post, do that. It’s important to only set an expectation when you can meet it. 

Customers want to know they’re in good hands. With the right e-commerce strategy, this can be achieved and lead to long term customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

- Andrew Cornale, Co-Founder and Digital Experience Director, UnDigital

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