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UnDigital Announces Brand Refresh Helping Clients Achieve More Than 600% Sales Increase

Announcing a new brand refresh, UnDigital has updated its suite of service offerings with a renewed focus on uncovering the real problems clients are experiencing to custom-design digital solutions that increase efficiency, improve user experience and drive business success.

Lead image:  Andrew & Kristen Cornale.

It was through a partnership with OZ Design Furniture to rebuild its website and create a better user experience that opened a metaphorical Pandora’s Box, sparking a new brand refresh, which brought consultation and an improved and expanded suite of digital offerings front and centre for UnDigital.

Through strategic consultation with the furniture retailer, UnDigital uncovered critical challenges rooted in OZ Design’s product management system, which in order to solve, required the development of a custom solution.

Following deep-dive consultations with the client, UnDigital was tasked with completely overhauling all of OZ Design’s systems, design and digital UX, and over eight months, the team worked to re-engineer the entire online shopping experience for its customers.

UnDigital’s custom-built system architecture has improved the shopping experience for customers using OZ Design’s website and provided the furniture retailer with a more integrated, seamless way to manage orders, inventory, and product data across all 44 stores and online.

Through a similar strategic consultation process with Wisdom Homes, UnDigital has helped the home builder achieve a 600 per cent sales increase by designing and launching a new website. The new website has allowed Wisdom Homes to streamline its business processes while improving the user experience and increased conversion rates via the website.

Since launching a new website, UnDigital has designed and implemented a user-friendly home pricing calculator for Wisdom Homes, which has helped to maintain the number of leads coming through its website by allowing users to determine in real time how much their dream home build will cost. Additionally, UnDigital has consolidated Wisdom Homes’ internal platforms to drive operational efficiencies, including migrating the business to a Hubspot CRM, setting up automated lead allocations, automated reporting for increased visibility across company performance, and consolidating the Momentum sub-brand website into the main Wisdom Homes website.

CEO of UnDigital, Andrew Cornale said it was through these, and some similar deep dive consultations and recognition of the value that custom-made solutions can bring to clients, UnDigital determined it was time to refocus the business and relaunch, with strategy and client consultation at its core.

“To me, the success of our work with OZ Design was a clear indication that the way that we collaborate as a business via what we refer to as our “Uncover” product is unique to us. We dig really deep, even outside of “digital” to craft solutions perfectly tailored to the problem, and the results for our clients showed us that our sweet spot is in solving digital problems by building and scaling solutions fit for purpose,” said Cornale.

Central to the rebrand is UnDigital’s revolutionary approach to digital strategy, which surpasses conventional practices to unearth untapped opportunities for clients. By embracing a holistic strategy framework and embodying core values of “Authenticity” and “Optimism”, UnDigital fosters authentic partnerships and drives positive change.

“The easiest way to think about UnDigital is that we don’t build websites that just look good, we do a lot of consulting and strategy work to uncover how our clients’ businesses operate and how a web tool could help them be more efficient”.

“We will present a nice-looking front end designed to increase website performance, but we’ll also look under the hood of our customers’ websites to design a solution which allows their business to create revenue growth opportunities and improve operational efficiencies. Our platform selection is always based on the needs of the customer, not retrofitting our skills to a solution,” Cornale concluded.

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