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What it takes to be a success in business

Defining success is difficult, because it’s different for everyone. Add to that, it’s an ever changing concept where the goal posts are always moving. Last year was huge for us and the things that drove our success weren’t always what we expected. Yes, hard work, determination and focus were important factors and we expected this, but reflecting on the year that was, we can confidently say that there was more to growing our success than that.


Relationships are the key to positive and consistent business outcomes 

Consistency is key to business success and positive relationships unlock unlimited opportunities for further success. For us, building relationships wasn’t just a way of getting leads. We made it our mission to immerse ourselves in our client’s needs and deliver a service that was genuinely helpful. It wasn’t about charging the highest rate or selling our most expensive service. Instead, we worked to uncover what they needed, matched it with what we could offer and found a middle ground where both parties benefited. Above all, we built a priceless relationship with a focus on trust, assurance and reliability. The best thing about building relationships with your clients is that once your value is recognised, projects turn into retainers, word spreads and the leads create themselves.


Build a brand that reflects who you are

Two years ago, if you’d asked me what I thought about branding, I’d have told you that it’s overrated, lacks importance and is a waste of money. Between then and now, I’ve had to completely eat my words. In this time, I’ve relied on my brand, used it realign on our purpose, who we want to be, what we want our success to look like and how we want to achieve it. Our brand has become our identity and a guideline for how we operate. When we made our brand, our logo and our mission statement, it felt like ticking a box. Now, I can truly say it’s kept us on track and directed us to success. Our brand extends into everything we do; the projects we take on, the clients we choose to work with and the employees we choose to bring onboard. Referring back to our brand as a guide is what’s united our team, our clients and the work that we do. It’s been a worthy investment of time and money that was recompensed tenfold.


Culture at the core of all operations

Workplace culture is often dismissed as a flimsy term but in truth, it’s the glue that holds together a successful business. Building a culture that nurtures individuals and their goals will create a happy environment that is reflected in their attitude, both internally and externally, everyday.

Much like branding, culture forms a part of your organisation’s identity. At its very core, it refers to who you are, what you believe in, what you value and how your values are translated into everyday actions. Finding the right cultural fit for your business in terms of employees and clients is key to its success. If a pillar of your organisation is respect, then your clients need to abide by this as well. Never allow payment to be a free pass on your culture. To be truly successful in business, you must set the standard and ensure all parties abide by it. In turn, this will create profitable relationships that result in consistent positive business outcomes and command respect for your brand.

Working towards success in business looks different for everyone. Is your goal profit? Happiness? More down time? Will your perception of success be the same this time next year? Whatever your answer, know that while the goal posts may change, some things are unwavering. Prioritising positive relationships, building a strong brand and fostering a positive culture will always put you on the path to business success. So, what will you do to propel your own business forward this year?

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